Inbox (1)

by Shannon Palus and Blair Thornburgh

Worst emails to receive when awaiting responses to pitch letters, applications, manuscript submissions, and other assorted dreams, from least to most disappointing activation of Pavlovian response (barring actual bad news):

• Ann Friedman: This Week’s Newsletter
• Confirmation of receipt of your online Naked Juice Settlement Website Claim
• Back in stock! Frye: Melissa Trapunto. Get it FIRST on
• tax receipts: charity: water Tax ID #xxxxx
• : Reciept for your payment to charity: water
• charity: water : Your charity: water donation
• Google Alerts — black holes
• Blair, did ‘Petit guide du parler québécois: 3e édition revue et augmentée’ meet your expectations Review it on
• Google+: [Acquaintance from freshman year] added you
• McGill LinkedIn Group: [4] discussions [3] comments
• PGW turn on schedul;ed [sic] for blair thornbourgh [sic] @ address 2nd floor
• Reciept for your payment to Spotify
• Photo.JPG [sent from one’s own email address]
• Your Monthly Financial Summary from
• New eBill from Capital One
• A friendly reminder from MonthlyInfo
• Delivery Status Notification (Failure)

Shannon Palus and Blair Thornburgh live in Philadelphia.

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