Salads and Country Music

by Mike Dang and Logan Sachon

Logan: My most recent purchase was a $6.99 salad from a grocery store. It had salsa and beans and this really nice sort of ranch dressing and cheddar cheese, shredded, and croutons, and as I was eating it, the first food I’d eaten all day, I was just overcome by thankfulness, that I lived in a place where I didn’t have to prepare my own food if I didn’t want to, and also that I had the means to access that food. Could I have made that salad myself? Sure. Did I want to? Not at this time.

Mike: I love going to salad places like Chop’t because I’m not likely to have most of those fresh ingrediants at home and I can ask them to throw in whatever I’m in the mood for.

But ever since I discovered the magic of making dressing with apple cider vinegar, olive oil, and honey mustard, I’ve been enjoying all of my at-home salads. Add it to mixed greens or arugula, plus one other thing I want like beets or some kind of protein, and I’m good to go. When you came over to work with me the other day, I made grilled cheeses for us, plus that dressing on top of mixed greens with black beans and corn. It was, maybe $5 for the both of us? We were into it.

Logan: Yes that is an even better scenario, a friend making you food and then not charging you for it. And then you get to eat it and hang out with your friend. And your salad was better than my grocery store salad. But, my grocery store salad was better than no salad. Salad. Salad. How many more times can I say it. Salad. Dalas.

Mike: Haha. If you were to make a purchase recommendation this week, what would it be? Would it be this grocery store salad?

Logan: Oh that’s tricky. Hmm. If you are very hungry and near Hudson and Bank Street in New York, this particular grocery store salad can’t be beat. What else have I bought this week that I recommend. A bottle of water from the street when I thought I was about to die from walking through the disgusting miasmic sauna that is this city right now. That was a good purchase. FYI, I buy Smart Water because of the sturdiness of the bottle and also because of Jennifer Aniston. I got a Snickers when I was drunk that was pretty great. Situational purchases.

Mike: Okay, so my purchase recommendation this week if you’re into country music, or even if you’re not into country music, is Kacey Musgraves’s album, “Same Trailer, Different Park.” It is $9.99 on iTunes, but I’ve listened to every song about 50 times now, so I think it’s worth it. Especially if you were into watching Nashville this year. Kacey Musgraves wrote the song “Undermine” in one of the earlier episodes. This is the debut single off her album:

Haha, so I guess our recommendations this week are, this country music album if you’re into that, a bottle of water if you’re going to be walking around in the city, and a Snickers bar if you’re drunk. Good job, us.

Logan: I actually would like to recommend not spending your money and putting it instead in a high-yield interest savings account. I wish we were in the same place right now, because if we were, you would see that I am giggling at myself typing this. Is that even the right phrase? “High-yield interest savings account.” I don’t actually recommend this. I mean I guess I do. But no, I don’t really.

Mike: Well, if you don’t recommend it, it’s because savings accounts with interest rates do exist at the moment, but Bankrate tells me that they’re anything but “high-yield.” Low-yield is more like it. But yes, ignore us and save your money.

Logan: With yields like that, who needs yields? Buy a salad instead.

Mike: On that note, have a great weekend everyone!

Photo: angela n.