Betting on Love, Leveling Up and Leaving Atlanta (Part IX)

by Amanda Tomas

Last month was a blur — this month will be, too. Cleaning out my desk and packing up my things last week, I stumbled upon some artifacts excavated from various workday notebooks from the past two years.

September 2011, three months out of college, reality sets in:

December 2011, an intense analysis of ultimate life goals:

January 2012, slightly manic-depressive and lost:

March 2012, deep in depression and early twenties angst:

August 2012, various half-baked plans:

November 2012, a self-portrait:

May 2013, most recent planning session at my desk:

Previously: See Amanda’s “Betting on Love” series here.

Amanda Tomas will reveal the exciting conclusion to her journey next month after the dust has settled. Also thank you for all the comments, criticism, and encouragement you guys,

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