Dispatches from a Visit to Planned Parenthood

by Lauren Rodrigue

Did u know that an exam at planned parenthood is NINETY BUCKS

This is dumb. Sex is dumb. Why does it have to cost $90?

I just thought planned parenthood was supposed to be like $5

Dollar menu sexual health

“I’m on the pill but I still use condoms every time” brags girl on poster on wall. YOUR MOM MUST BE PROUD OF YOU FOR BEING A STOCK PHOTO MODEL

Soho planned parenthood more like so slow

Not too glad about my planned parenthood doc telling me I should consider going gluten free. She gets taxpayer’s money to evangelize VOODOO.

Did u know they can test for HIV by swabbing UR gums lol that’s where your HIV is. In your gums. oh god

526,600 countertop rapid hiv tests / how do you measure a nyc planned parenthood

sometimes i look at my tween cousin’s instagram shots and feel so jealous she never had to have an std test

don’t have HIV btw

“don’t have HIV” — text to mom

Mom just texted, “I’ll pay half.”

Lauren Rodrigue lives in New York.

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