Companies, Disliked

MarketWatch has a list of the 10 most hated companies in America based on three main factors: companies that make their customers angry, companies that make their shareholders angry, and companies that make their employees angry. J.C. Penney tops the list for making customers angry. Last February, under the direction of its new CEO Ron Johnson, the company decided to stop offering coupons and major sales in favor of offering “everyday low prices.” Unfortunately, J.C. Penney’s customer base loves coupons (some people just love to hunt for deals), and sales fell by 20 percent in the first quarter. Other companies that made the list: Facebook (hated by users for too many reasons to name here, and by shareholders for bungling its IPO) and American Airlines, which has managed to anger just about everyone. I don’t think there’s a particular company I “hate” but I’ve also never been an AT&T customer.

Photo: Robert S. Donovan