Bite Me! You Say to the Cat. Okay! Says the Cat! $55K! Says the Hospital (Basically)

LAT columnist David Lazarus got bit by a cat (his cat) and when he added up all the expenses, the cost was $55,000. But he didn’t pay all that, and neither did his insurance company.

Marketplace did the math: “Luckily for Lazarus, he has health insurance. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois covered $38,448. His co-pay was a little over $1,500. That leaves some $14,000 unaccounted for. Lazarus went to talk to the head of the hospital where he says he received excellent treatment. He says Dr. Feinberg of UCLA Medical Center told him the extra $14,000 was ‘funny money.’ It simply disappears.” Because that makes sense.

In other bite news: A dog bite in Europe, a not-bite from a bat in Montauk.