Too Bad, Santa

The WSJ’s Marketwatch reports on job prospects for Santa impersonators. Some highlights:

Organizations That Actually Exist
Santa School in Calgary, Alberta

The Kringle Group, an agency in Riverside, Calif., with over 2,200 Santas on its books

The 860-member Fraternal Order of Real-Bearded Santas

Terrible Puns
“The prospects for many of the men in red suits is Ho-ho-hopeless.”

“If they think they can hide behind a beard and a fat suit, they’ve missed the sleigh.”

“And that, North Pole experts say, is precisely the problem.”

“Many Santas … are seeking a sideline career utilizing their gray hairs and bowls full of jelly.”

“Few working Santas can expect pay packets as fat as their waistlines, experts say.”

Hot Payment Detes
“Seasonal pay for positions in shopping malls range from $5,000 to $15,000 at high-end malls.”

“For personal appearances, Erwin charges $150 for the first hour, $125 for the second and $100 for every hour after that.”

“Kane — a naturally bearded Santa — is offering his services for just $30 for an hour or $50 for two hours.”