My Year in Money: A Gif Odyssey

by Julie Beck

Let’s start with the basics. This is how I made my money:

And this is how I spent my money:

I lived in Chicago, in a lovely apartment with reasonably-priced tacos down the street — things I was very grateful for when talking to apartment-hunting friends in Manhattan.

I went on a few trips, for weddings and work, visiting family and friends.

But mostly I looked at my aspirational travel price alert emails.

I had some conflicting feelings about my career.

But then again…

But then AGAIN…

My savings account went up, though not without some difficulty.

I had a 401(k).

But I didn’t even try to understand it.

I was late on my student loans a few times, because I just forgot when they were due.

Now, I’m steeling myself for tax season.

Last year was kind of a disaster. I was completely freelance and didn’t know about quarterly taxes.

This time it will be better! I think. I hope.

So while I may have gotten a little carried away with Christmas presents this year, as I am wont to do

And I’m not loving hearing about other people’s holiday bonuses

And overall, there’s probably a better way to do things than what I’ve been doing

For 22 years old, 2 years out of college, I feel like I’m in a pretty good place.

Julie Beck did her best to limit the number of David Tennant gifs that went into this post.