The Progressive Office: Williamsburg and Greenpoint

If you “work for yourself” or “work from home,” perhaps you know that getting work done “at home” is “impossible.” So: Coffeeshops. But not all are created equal and some don’t even have wifi?! WHAT. Here’s a version of one of my workdays in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Where do you work if you “work from home”?

1. Start at Blue Stove (Graham + Withers). Get a coffee and a baked good. ($5) Charge your computer. The plugs are wonky here — if you’re using a Mac and have the shortened version with the plug part on that heavy box thing, it might not work. Good thing you have your extension cord in your tote! (KEY.) Work for however long you dare.

2. Pack up and walk to No. 7 Sub (Manhattan b/w Java + Kent). Get a sandwich (I always get the zucchini parm, $9 — there are BBQ chips on it) and ask for the wifi password. Work using their wifi until your battery dies (no outlets).

3. Pack up and walk to Troost (Manhattan b/w Huron + Green). Get either another coffee ($2) or something else if you’ve had enough or a day (their michelada is good, $6). Sit on the pew when you first walk in. Outlets underneath. They’re internet shuts off at 5 p.m. — guess that means your workday is done.

No seriously. Send me your progressive office spots! Any city. Any country. Cool.

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