Personal Austerity Measures in Effect, According to Thursday Night Texts

ME: do you have a netflix password
ME: my mom and I need to watch a Jane Austen movie and i canceled mine
MIRANDA: noooo I share one and it’s permanently in my computer
MIRANDA: i pay for hulu plus though you can have that

ME: You got a netflix password I can borrow?
ALEX: no i use a friend’s

ME: i need a netflix password. help me pleeeeeeeeasse
LAUREN: don’t have one just use my roommates’ prelogged in

ME: can I borrow ur netflix?
MEGAN: i cancelled it!
ME: ahhh we are all too financially genius

ME: can I use your netflix password
ME: please you are my last hope
ME: i won’t give it away to everyone like i did your hbo password
GREG: god … you’re so poor you make me feel like the 1%
GREG: and yes you can

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