The John Cassavetes Model

“My sort of dream is the John Cassavetes model. Go out, and try to make some money, preferably doing acting, but whatever! And hopefully you can make that money in these short injections, so it’s not a full-time job. You go away for two months, get a little bit of money, and then pour that money back into your film. And that’s just what Cassavetes did. He’d go and act in stuff, then go back and make his movies, which he knew would not make any money. But that’s what he loved to do! It’s a great model, I think, and it has always been my fantasy. It’s a pretty difficult thing to do.”

— Alex Karpovsky to Blackbook’s Francesca McCaffery, describing his dream career, which is also his actual career. He is an indie filmmaker (for ❤), an endeavor he is currently funding by playing Ray (and Shosh’s life partner and soulmate) on HBO’s Girls (for ❤ + $$).

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