You Really Can Rationalize Anything

I’ve been hanging out in my friend’s hotel room this week because it is quiet and nice and there is Internet. There is also an Honor Bar. It works just like a mini-bar, in that you take things if you want, and then they charge you really high prices for those things! This is problematic, mostly because I’ve been eating things in it and I just found the price list. This morning I took some Late July Dark Chocolate cookies, which are not listed but I’m assuming are $4.75, which is hilarious and ridiculous, as they are a very sad version of a lesser-man’s Oreos. Also there are four in a pack, which is over $1 per cookie. Stupid.

During the course of my visits to this hotel room, I have also eaten two bags of M&Ms, which adds up to $14 worth of M&Ms, which, oops. I also drank a cranberry juice ($4.25), because I was thirsty. I didn’t know how much these things cost, okay? But … I could have guessed. I mean, it’s a mini-bar. These things are terrible. At least I knew enough not to drink to the booze?

The moral of this story, I think, is don’t leave your friends in your hotel room. The other moral of the story might be, if you do, hide the chocolate, not the price list. The third moral of this story is that captive audiences really will pay anything for anything, especially when it isn’t their money. Marketing genius.

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