How Much Money Did You Spend This Weekend?

Most of us spend our weekdays earning money so that we have some disposable income to use when the weekend comes. I’m certainly one of these people! I’m also the sort of person who plans ahead (I have a Mad Men catch-up session with some friends on my calendar for a weekend in mid-June — I know, but everyone’s weekends are quickly booking up), and since I’ll be away for 10 days at the end of this month to attend two weddings in California (which means spending lots money to catch up with old friends and relatives), I didn’t spend any money except $51 at the grocery store on Sunday for food for the week. I actually spent most of this weekend working on freelance projects because some of us spend our weekends earning money too (“austerity measures”). What about you — was this a spending weekend, or a saving weekend?

Photo: Flickr/LoneWalkerNYC

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