From Middle Class to Public Assistance

Within a short time I knew all the acronyms: UI (Unemployment Insurance), EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer), SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), KYHC (Keep Your Home California), Medi-Cal.

#YOLOing Through My Layoff

Any concern for the future has been replaced by a persistent desire to blow off all my funds.

The Hidden Costs of Poverty

If you had told me that being poor would be the most expensive thing I have ever experienced, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Financial Struggles of the Unemployed Me

Six months after my last job, there was still nothing on the horizon.

Going From the Best Food to the Cheapest Food

I can no longer afford fruits but sometimes I do treat myself to bananas when I’m feeling particularly rich.

Balancing Mental Health and Financial Needs

My depression snuck up on me — and cost me my job.

Everything I Did After I Lost My Job

I had never been unemployed in my adult life up to that point. I had no clue what to do.

The Cost of Keeping a Well-Stocked House

Laid Off Christmas

The Cost of Staying Active and Optimistic During a Job Search