The Dynamic Saving Power of Anger

Anger has saved me so much money.

Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: August 2017 Monthly Check-In

It’s the end of the month! Time for our monthly check-in.

Weird Money-Saving Tricks That Actually Helped Me Last Month

Losing the debit card for your only bank account and not having a credit card to back you up really tightens the ol’ belt!

What Women Want: A Tote That Can Hold a Packed Lunch

I want a tote bag that looks nice and professional, and I want to bring my lunch to work. I need these two options to co-exist, and I’m finding more and more that they don’t.

I Saved $40,000 in Two Blue Collar Years

I would work and save for two years, from the end of April 2015 to the beginning of May 2017. The goal was to save at least $40,000 dollars, which I would then use to start a business.

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