John Thornton Jr. on the Formative Nature of Debt

We had a Billfolder request to discuss the following longread — and it is a very long but worthwhile read — about the way debt reshapes our lives.

On Transaction Fees and Credit Card Rewards

Today’s must-read longread is about the delicate balance between credit card companies, merchants, and consumers.

What We Didn’t Know About the 2008 Financial Collapse

Matt Taibbi’s Rolling Stone essay takes us through the 2008 financial collapse and the subsequent bailout, providing detail and context that was left out of the narrative ten years ago.

Amazon Prime Day, and a Longread About the Outdoor Gear Industry

“We couldn’t have done it without Amazon,” Klymit CEO Cory Tholl says, before the article details all of the ways that Amazon is cutting into Klymit’s profits.

Another Student Debt Story

At The Baffler, M.H. Miller writes about being “incapacitated by debt for a decade.”

Add ‘Opportunity Costs’ to Your Must-Read (or Must-Listen) List

BuzzFeed recently teamed up with Death, Sex & Money to run a series of essays and podcasts under the theme “Opportunity Costs: Money and Class in America.”

More of Us Might Become Independent Contractors This Year

This is the flip side of that “we might all get higher wages this year” story.

On Wanting to Be a Millionaire