Zuckerberg Hospital Doesn’t Want to Be Friends With Local Insurers

Today’s News Roundup will focus on a single story: what’s going on with the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital?

Do You Want to Discuss the Millennial Burnout Piece?

If you didn’t get a chance to read Anne Helen Petersen’s How Millennials Became The Burnout Generation, well… it kinda went viral this weekend.

You Need to Read This Essay About a Cryptocurrency Cruise

I’m tossing in an extra must-read longread today because this is SO GOOD.

Will it Pay in Omaha?

The Washington Post profiles two Omaha residents as they attend a job-training program, prepare for interviews, and attempt to find work.

Poverty, From a Paramedic’s Perspective

Here’s another essay that’ll stick with you: Elizabeth Rosen’s “A Real Emergency,” at Hazlitt.

On Delivering for Amazon Flex

Today’s must-read essay comes from Alana Semuels, at The Atlantic.

What If a Group of People Created Their Own Lottery?

The New Statesman profiles Reddit’s Millionaire Makers.

Set Aside Some Time to Read “Generation Screwed”

Even if you’re not a Millennial.

How One Man Helped Bring Down a Debt Collection Scam

Using techniques he developed as a copier salesman.

The Costs of Surrogacy

The story ends happily—but there are a lot of unexpected costs and complications in between.