House Dream Is It?

From the time that I sold my family home in 1984 to the present, I have never wanted to buy a home.

The Cost of a New Life: Part Two was supposed to contact me about the replacement cabinet dowels within a week.

Where Do You Set Your Thermostats?

This is the first home I’ve ever lived in, including my childhood homes, that has real air conditioning.

Oh My Dollar! Makes a Case Against Homeownership

No, it’s not about “building equity” vs. “throwing away money on rent.”

The Cost of a New Life: Part One

Rebuilding my life — and building furniture — after a divorce.

The Cost of Feeling “At Home”

We just moved to a new place (I can’t call it home yet) and I am straining to feel comfortable here.

A House for Frida

My boyfriend and I sometimes tell Frida that we bought the property for her — and we are only half-joking.

Is It Okay That I Run the Dishwasher Every Day?

Even though it’s barely half full?

If Automatic Investing Leads to Higher Auto and Mortgage Debt, Is That Necessarily Bad?

Without the interest rates and the investment returns, it’s difficult to say whether they’ve made the wrong choice.

Santa Barbara Sets Aside Parking Lots for People Living in Their Cars

What should a city do when its residents can’t afford to live there?