My SNAP Story

I am a middle-aged white woman living in Washington, D.C. I’m a college-educated writer who edits on the side. I have a cat.

Weekly Themed Dinners Saved Our Grocery Budget

We don’t have Taco Tuesday, but we do have Breakfast-for-Dinner Wednesday.

Subsisting on Convenience Foods

I haven’t cooked in months, and yet I’m still alive.

Talking to a General Manager at a Salvage Grocery Store in Texas

Jeremy Wortsman is a General Manager for Town Talk Foods, a food liquidator in Fort Worth, Texas.

On Tip Prompts and Tip Regrets

Giving — in any situation — does not usually end up making us feel bad.

Buying One Luxury Food Item per Week Keeps Me on Budget and Happy in the Kitchen

It started with zoodles.

Learning to Love Leftovers

My cooking experiments were getting expensive, so I had to figure out a new way to prep food.

I’m a Grocery Store Tourist

Whenever I visit a new place, I have to check out the grocery scene.

I Love Lunch

Lunch has always been my favorite meal — but eating lunch during a busy workday isn’t easy.

How Food Changes When You’re a Caretaker

Every liquid has to be thickened, and every solid has to be pureed.