I Went to a Commuter College and Lived at Home

It was the best financial decision I’ve ever made.

The Cost of My Mother’s Death

Picking a casket was nearly impossible.

The Costs of Home, “Home,” and Hawaii for the Holidays

Figuring out what to do about the holidays has become a recurring project over the last few years.

Spider Webs: A Christmas Tradition

My mom read about a Victorian-era Christmas-morning tradition which my parents have since modified somewhat to make more interesting.

How I Convinced My Family to Stop Exchanging Presents (And You Can Too!)

My sister was my first target, and she was the easiest to convince.

What We Owe to Each Other (More Specifically, Family)

These days, my only active and very real financial concern is the one I carry for my family.

The Cost of Keeping Up the Holiday Traditions

Christmas is a big deal to my family.

Why I’ve Become a “Now Person”

Make all your resolutions immediate. Maybe you just want to resolve to make more coffee at home. Make coffee now.

On the Benefits of Escaping Family and Going to Europe for Thanksgiving

Last Thanksgiving I took a secret trip to London and Paris.

How I Learned to Give Back — And What It Taught Me

An interesting and unexpected thing happened once I decided to be more generous with the rest of the world — I became more generous with myself.