The Cost of Becoming a Soccer Mom

My 10-year-old is now in his second year on a competitive travel soccer team.

The Cost of Taking a National Geographic Expedition

Last year, when the chance to take a big trip presented itself, I decided to do something “different.”

The Cost of Jumping Into Jujitsu

Twice a week I put on my gi and belt, and grab my notebook and weapons, and head to the dojo.

The Cost of Running an Ultramarathon

Running one hundred miles is an exercise in endurance, persistence and patience. It also comes with a price tag.

The Cost of Learning a New Language

My standard response to the question “If you could have any superpower, what would it be?” is that I would choose to be fluent in every language.

My #DigitalNomad Horror Story

When I signed up for a work/travel program, I was promised an experience — but I got a nightmare.

The Cost of Swimming in a New Ocean

As long as I can remember I’ve been pretty obsessed with the ocean.

The Cost of a Solo Southwest Road Trip

I saw a lot of cool rocks.

The Cost of Paddling 32 Miles Through the BWCA

We paddled ten miles that first day, stopping only for lunch on the rocky shore of a small island.

The Cost of a Night at Minibar

The meal we experienced was unlike any other dinner we’ve had before, or will have again for a long time.