The Pain and Pleasure of Working for Tips

Working at a “gratuity-free” restaurant made waiting tables in New York worth it.

An Open Thread About Tipping on a Muffin

Some counter service staff also dislike these tip prompts, especially when they have to explain to a confused customer why the iPad is asking them to tip on a muffin pulled out of a display case. 

Einstein’s Thoughts on Happiness Sell for $1.8 Million

Turns out Einstein gives pretty good tips.

Uber Drivers Have Earned $50 Million in Tips… But There Are 2 Million Drivers

This is why we do the math.

If You’re Planning on Eating at the Cheesecake Factory, Do the Math on the Suggested Tip

Allegedly, the restaurant has been printing receipts encouraging split-check customers to leave tip percentages based on the entire group’s bill.

Do You Tip on a Donut?