Yay! More Billfold Posts!

It’s September, which means it’s time to INCREASE THE NUMBER OF POSTS WE RUN ON THE BILLFOLD.

Summer Pledge Drive: Time to Pledge Drive Off Into the Sunset

It’s the final day of our Summer Pledge Drive.

Summer Pledge Drive: THANK YOU

We’re on Day 4 of our week-long summer pledge drive, and here’s a cool thermometer update!

Summer Pledge Drive: Halfway There

We are halfway through our Summer Pledge Drive, and it’s time to update our cool fundraising thermometer.

Summer Pledge Drive: Qs and As

Welcome to the second day of The Billfold’s week-long summer pledge drive!

Summer Pledge Drive: YES, IT’S HAPPENING

Welcome to Day 1 of our week-long Summer Pledge Drive!

What to Expect From The Billfold in February

Here’s what a typical day on the site will look like.

A Billfold Patreon Q&A

In which I answer all kinds of questions about The Billfold’s Patreon, including where the money is going.