Billfold Recommends: Delta 2-Spray Water Amplifying Shower Head

It’s Tuesday, which means it’s time for our FIRST-EVER Billfold Recommends column.

(Yes, I’m going to do one of these every week. Yes, some of them will be product recommendations and some will be more like “The Billfold recommends taking five minutes to look at photos of cute dogs.” Yes, I am going to recommend that you VOTE on Tuesday, November 6. In fact, I’ll just go ahead and recommend that one now.)

Today’s recommendation comes from Billfolder Janpa, and it’s for the Delta 2-Spray Water Amplifying Shower Head. As Janpa explains:

[…] I got a cheap, excellent low-flow shower head from Amazon that even Guy, who wants showers to feel like a fire hose, is happy with. (I love it because it also, due to low water use, means that nearly zero water builds up at my feet! I find that gross.)

I also think turning a nice clean shower into a dirty soapscum footbath is gross! The Delta 2-Spray Water Amplifying Shower Head, which Amazon notes comes with something called “H2Okinetic Spray,” sounds like the ideal way to get your naked noise hole time while keeping your feet free from floaties AND doing your part for the planet. (And, in this case, for The Billfold.)

The Delta 2-Spray Water Amplifying Shower Head. Buy it, or literally anything else, on Amazon. As long as you use that affiliate link as your entry point into Amazon’s giant portal of stuff, The Billfold gets paid. 

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