Question Wednesday

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time to share those financial questions that have been keeping you up at night.

My question isn’t really financial, but after reading The Cut’s Every Adult Should Have a Bedtime, I’m curious: do you set yourself a bedtime (and do you stick to it)?

I don’t agree with the article’s introduction, btw — yes, it would be nice if we could all go to bed at the same time every night, roughly eight hours before we need to wake up, but the question “how (and why?) would anyone choose to stay up beyond the point at which they can reasonably hope to get a solid seven hours of sleep?” is a little ridiculous, for reasons that should be obvious.

Still, I try to keep to an 11 p.m. bedtime, and I used to have a 10:30 bedtime but then I read Matthew Walker’s Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams and figured out how to sleep better — essentially, if I sleep on my back I can stay asleep, minus one middle-of-the-night toilet visit; if I sleep on my side, I wake up every 60-90 minutes to roll over — which meant that I could push back my bedtime a little bit.

Also, buying those $70 pillows really helped, and part of me wants to know what might happen if I buy one of those fancy memory foam mattresses.

Anyway. I feel like I’m putting y’all to sleep (PUN INTENDED) so I’ll let you discuss your bedtimes — or any actual financial questions you might have — in the comments.

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