Friday Estimate

Photo credit: JJBers, CC BY 2.0.

It’s Friday, which means it’s time to estimate our weekend spending.

Old Navy Super Cash Days start TOMORROW, and I already have my cart ready to go. A couple of sweaters, a puffy vest to replace the one I wore until it fell apart, some layering tanks to replace the ones with underarm stains, a few new striped shirts to add to my uniform (and I am so glad that the weather has cooled down enough that I can start wearing these shirts again) and one hat that reads “GYM HAIR” on the front and “DON’T CARE” on the back.

Old Navy claims my cart will cost $274.36 with discounts and free shipping, although who knows what new discounts they’ll be advertising tomorrow and whether that’ll change the total. I have $160 in Super Cash, thanks to various previous purchases (leggings, non-uniform summer tops) so I can estimate that I’ll pay around $110.

More importantly, I should not need to buy any more clothes until the weather gets warm again. I just stocked up on fresh underwear and bras ($56.69) to replace stuff with holes and stains, and with all of the clothing I already own and the shoes I just bought and everything I plan to buy tomorrow, I should be DONE, that’s IT, if I try to buy any more clothes just because they’re pretty or sparkly or whatever TELL ME NOT TO DO IT. (I already have a dress with sparkles on it. I wore it last holiday season and it will serve me just as well for this one.)

I’m also getting my biannual massage this weekend, which will cost $60 plus tip, so… $75ish.

Total estimate: $185.

How about you?

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