Checking In With My Savings Plan: June 2018 Edition

In June I received $3,357.31 in freelance income and $89.85 in book royalties, or $3,447.16 total.

Here’s how I divided up the cash:

  • $172.36 went to my HSA
  • $172.36 went to my traditional IRA
  • $307.53 went to federal taxes
  • $76.88 went to state taxes
  • $206.83 went to my individual brokerage account
  • $206.83 went to savings
  • That left $2,304.38 for overhead, business, and personal expenses

June was both a low cash-flow month and a high expenses month, which means that I spent down a good chunk of my $3K checking account buffer. I began June with a checking account balance of $4,364.19 and I’m beginning July with $1,966.65, and I’m still not done paying off my travel/vacation expenses. (They’re on credit cards, and they’ll get paid off in full this month.)

You already know that I have a summer budget (that I’ve already had to adjust) because although I anticipate a decent cash flow for the next three months, I also need to get my checking account buffer refilled and I don’t want accidental overspending to get in the way of my paying myself back.

I’m anticipating that my net worth won’t have grown much since the beginning of June, thanks to my travel spending, the $1,800 I paid in estimated taxes, and the fact that the Dow lost all of its gains for the year earlier this month. (I put $206.83 into my individual brokerage account in June, but the value of the account only increased by $46.) Let’s see what Mint has to say about that!


At the end of May, my total net worth was $82,294 (thanks again to Billfolder cryptolect for showing me that I needed to hover over the black dot, not the green bar, to get assets minus debts). At the end of June, my net worth was $80,845. I lost $1,449, which just means I have to figure out a way to earn and/or save it back!

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