Do You Want to Do an Uber Frugal Month?

Photo credit: Cindy Shebley, CC BY 2.0.

Like many of you, I love reading the Frugalwoods’ blog — and I’ve found several of their posts, such as the one on winter bike commuting, to be very inspiring. (Yes, I was on my bike in below-freezing temperatures this winter, though I stopped biking when the roads became too icy and/or too slushy to feel safe.)

So I was excited to see the Frugalwoods announce their annual Uber Frugal Month Challenge this morning. Here’s how it works:

The Uber Frugal Month Challenge (UFM) is designed to help you save as much money as you possibly can in a single month and–more importantly–prompts you to ponder the bigger questions surrounding your finances. Such as what you want to do with your life, what your goals are, and how much you’re spending every month. Sound like fun? It totally is!!! And it’s especially fun in the month of July because we’ll be taking the Challenge all together as one big happy frugal group. There’s nothing quite like budgeting with friends! Sign-up by midnight on July 1st in order to join us!

If you want to know a little more about what to expect, the Frugalwoods have a list of the questions you should ask yourself during Uber Frugal Month, as well as the actions you could take to achieve your goals. You’ll also receive daily emails during Uber Frugal Month to help keep you inspired and on track — plus there’s a Facebook group.

I haven’t decided whether I should do Uber Frugal Month, in part because I have a couple of things on my to-buy list that aren’t necessities (more plants, a gym membership). I could tweak my answers to the Uber Frugal questions to say “but my VALUES!” but since the point of the whole thing is to save as much money as possible during a single month, it would still feel like cheating.

Of course, I could always buy those plants in August.

What do you all think? Have any of you already signed up for the challenge?

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