Monday Check-In

Photo credit: Thiago Mendes, CC BY 2.0.

It’s Monday, which means it’s time to check in on our weekend spending.

I told you I was going to spend a lot of money this weekend getting the last “nine days of book tour and four days of vacation” travel and hotel bookings set up, and I spent…  $2,200.42. Add in the $939.33 I spent prior to this weekend’s bookings, and here’s what we end up with:

The book tour will cost $2,271.31 in tax-deductible flights, buses, and hotels.

The vacation will cost $868.44.

There will be additional costs like food and checked baggage — although I’m trying to figure out if I can do this whole thing without checking a bag, and also how much Huel I can fit in the bag and still have room for my clothes.

Luckily, I still have a few weeks to do that math.

Total spending: $2,200.42.

How about you?

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