What’s Your Financial Goal for This Week?

Photo credit: Olga Berrios, CC BY 2.0.

It’s Monday, which means it’s time to set a financial goal for the week.

This week, I need to keep thinking about my February budget. I have it most of the way done, but I’m doing some thinking about how much money I want to put towards book promo for The Biographies of Ordinary People, and how much money I want to set aside for “I’m living in a new place so I need money to meet people at coffee shops and restaurants.” (The walking date idea y’all suggested is great, but it’s still below freezing outside.)

This is going to be a really high cashflow month for me, so part of me is like “don’t worry too much about trying to plan individual $20 dinners, you’re going to come out under budget regardless.”

The other part is “you know that a high cashflow month often comes before a low cashflow month, so don’t give me any of that don’t worry about it nonsense. Start thinking about your predicted expenses in March and April, and get back to planning.”

What about you? Do you have any financial goals you’re working on and/or puzzling over?

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