Monday Check-In

Photo credit: Abhinaba Basu, CC BY 2.0.

It’s Monday, which means it’s time to check in with our weekend spending.

Last Friday, I estimated that I would spend… well, once again I didn’t really have a good estimate because I didn’t know how much the first round of shipping would cost, but here’s what I actually spent:

  • $263.36 to ship eight boxes to Cedar Rapids (more on this later today)
  • $55 on the Dolly that got my eight boxes to the Sip & Ship
  • $4.85 on the cookie I ate while the Sip & Ship people prepped my stuff for shipping
  • $77.90 on groceries (but I still need to get a few more things before Thanksgiving)
  • $0.29 to print the Amazon return receipt for the shower curtain I’m sending back because it doesn’t actually match my towels AND the bubble wrap that I no longer need because the Sip & Ship people are going to pack my dishes for me (more on this later today)
  • $35 to submit my novel to She Writes Press (because Pronoun is shutting down and my book needs a new home; visit Nicole Dieker Dot Com for the full story)
  • $54 for the Lyft ride back to my apartment after this weekend’s Space Time performance (which is about twice as much as I was expecting that to cost, and I don’t remember accepting any surge prices)

Total spending: $490.40.

How about you?

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