All the Clothes I Bought Online

So as I mentioned in today’s Friday Estimate, I went ahead and bought all of the clothes and household goods I was planning to buy for September. (The Labor Day sales are pretty good, y’all.)

Here’s what was on my list to buy this month:

  • Up to 10 tees & tops to replace the 24 I put in the donate box
  • Up to 10 underwears to replace the ones that Threadcycle will turn into rags and fibers
  • At least one bra
  • One sheet set
  • Two pillows
  • At least one plant

My initial off-the-cuff budget for this project was $500, but on Monday—as per my weekly financial goal—I opened up a Google Sheet and calculated every expense I thought I would have in September, from paying to send my novel to promo sites (which is actually earning a return on investment) to buying corn dogs and Dole Whips on vacation this weekend.

Plus, of course, fully refilling that $3K checking account buffer.

That brought me closer to $250, in terms of “what was left to spend on clothes and stuff.”

I ended up spending $176.64.

Here’s what I bought:

JC Penney:

  • 3 tees, originally priced $14 each, sale + coupon price $5.94 each
  • 6 underwears, originally priced $9 each, sale + coupon price $4.08 each
  • 2 bralettes, originally priced $25 for two, not on sale but the coupon got me to $21.25 for two

Old Navy:

  • 4 boat-neck striped tops, originally priced $16.99 each, sale price $10.19 each

I know I keep telling myself that I shouldn’t buy Old Navy, but my favorite shirt for the past six months has been this three-quarter sleeve, boat-neck, blue-and-white striped top from Old Navy, and I asked myself: why not just buy it in every color?

Bed Bath & Beyond:

  • Intelligent Design sheet set, $26.99
  • 2 Wamsutta pillows, $14.99 each

BB&B wasn’t offering any sales, but their sheet and pillow prices were lower than JC Penney’s even with JCP’s sales. I went with the Intelligent Design sheets because I have an Intelligent Design comforter, so I knew the colors would match—plus the Intelligent Design pillowcases that came with the comforter are still as brightly colored (and unpilled) as the day I took them out of the package, almost two years ago.

So that was my big shopping trip for this month, and I love that I didn’t actually have to go to the mall to do it.

I’ll buy a plant when I get back from vacation. Maybe two!


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