Hey, It’s Some Good News About Healthcare!

I’m already glad it’s Friday, but today has just gotten BETTER now that I know that every county in the U.S. has at least one Affordable Care Act insurer.

As Slate explains:

As of now, every county in the United States now has at least one health insurer lined up to offer coverage on its Affordable Care Act exchange next year.

CareSource, a nonprofit health insurer, announced Thursday morning that it would offer Obamacare coverage in Ohio’s Paulding County, the last remaining market that lacked a carrier for the 2018 open enrollment season. CareSource has previously said it would step in to provide insurance options for 20 other counties within Ohio that were at risk of being left bare.

You might remember previous Billfold posts about people potentially losing access to insurance coverage thanks to insurers that didn’t want to offer ACA-compatible plans. Slate reports that, earlier this year, over 90 counties were at risk of having no ACA insurance options.

Now everyone has at least some access to the ACA—which isn’t the best-case scenario, but it’s not the worst-case scenario either!

Happy Friday!

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