Change Is the Only Constant in Life

Here is a nice, calm photo for you to look at. (Photo: Sébastien Marchand/Unsplash)

Hello! As you may have noticed, The Billfold has moved back to WordPress, our former content management system. Our move to Medium was an experiment to explore a different kind of business model, and that experiment is over now that the platform has moved in a different direction (you can read more in-depth about those changes here).

Adapting to change is all part of the many joys of being a small, independent publisher. We persist! Our move back to WordPress will likely result in a few kinks (Medium responses won’t have been ported over to our commenting system here; links will be occasionally be broken; etc.). If you’ve been with us since the beginning, you’ve been through this kind of change with us before—thank you for sticking with us! In the meantime, we hope you continue to read, share, and support our work.

— The Billfold Team

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