What Do Rich People Read Online?

“Rich” in this case meaning “people with incomes of $150,000 or more.”

Photo credit: geralt, CC BY 2.0.

I’ll admit that when I saw this MarketWatch headline, I was hoping it was something along the lines of “if you’re reading this, you still have a 19.3 percent chance of becoming rich in your lifetime,” but that’s not what this is actually about:

If you’re reading this, you have a 19.3% chance of being rich

The site you’re reading right now — yes, we’re talking about MarketWatch — has among the highest percentage of wealthy readers among all the websites on the internet.


MarketWatch comes in №11 on the wealthy list, with 19.3% of its readers making more than $150,000.

The list they’re referring to was created by Priceonomics and Quantcast, and it ranks the top 500 websites in the United States by a variety of demographics, including wealth.

Ranking the Most Popular Websites by Demographic

Sadly, their list of websites with the highest percentage of wealthy readers—which they define as “people who make more than $150,000 per year”—only includes the top 25 entries, and The Billfold is not among them.

Source: Quantcast.

It prompts the chicken-and-egg question: do people earn more money because of the websites they visit—like, if I started hanging out on Crunchbase, would I start figuring out how to increase my net worth—or do they gravitate towards specific websites because they earn more money?

Also: now that we know what the six-figure earners read, I want to know what the savers read. Which websites are getting the people who save the highest percentage of their incomes? Mr. Money Mustache, Frugalwoods, and… maybe… The Billfold?

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