Wait, You Can Just Tell People You’re Engaged and They’ll Give You Discounts?

I guess it’s the opposite of “tell them it’s a wedding and they’ll upcharge you.”

Photo credit: TerriC, CC0 Public Domain.

Today, in “why aren’t we all doing this:”

I Faked Being Engaged for the Discounts

I’m not someone who would ordinarily embrace faking her marital status, but I am someone who is a big fan of group exercise classes — and at around $35 (or more) per session, those barre and spin workouts aren’t cheap. So, when I learned that many of these expensive gyms offer discounted monthly packages to brides hoping to get in shape for their wedding day, I did what any logical and frugal exercise fiend would do: I bought a $15 fake engagement ring online, made myself a wedding website, and signed up for a three-month bridal workout package at my favorite barre studio. I kept it up for 90 days. And you know what I learned through my experience of fake betrothment? Being engaged is amazing; when you’re a bride-to-be, the world rolls out the red carpet for you.

There’s a spin studio that’s opening up near my apartment, and I really want to go but I just showed you my summer budget, so… should I pop on a ring and see if I can get a discount?

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