A Spending Regret Question of the Day

What purchase do you most regret?

Photo credit: Morag Riddell, CC BY 2.0.

Today’s question is about purchases we regret. Is there one purchase you regret making, above all others?

This is a really hard question, by the way, and not just because it can go unexpectedly deep. (Do we regret the silly consumer purchases that failed to live up to our expectations, or the money we spent trying to become someone we knew we weren’t? What about the money we spent on people who did not value us?)

It’s also a hard question to answer because I feel like I’ve learned some of the most important truths about myself through the experiences and relationships on which I “wasted money.”

So I don’t really have an answer for this one. It’s easy for me to list a handful of purchases that I regret, like the shoes that were too uncomfortable to wear or the hair pomade that left grease marks on my pillowcase.

But it’s hard for me to say which purchase I regret most.

How about you?

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