When Do You Ask Your CPA For Tax Help?

Am I already too late?

Photo credit: stevepb, CCO Public Domain

I switched CPAs this year, and today I’m emailing my new CPA to set up a tax meeting and confirm all the materials I’ll need to bring.

I’m already wondering if I should have done this earlier.

Tax timing is always so tricky; I didn’t get all of my 1099 information until the beginning of February, so it’s not like I could have had a conversation with my CPA until I knew I had all of my documents in hand. (I’m also required to report my total 2016 business income to the State of Washington by January 31, before I have my 1099s. This shouldn’t be that big of a deal, but this year one of my freelance clients sent me a payment that arrived on Tuesday, January 3—and I didn’t count that payment as 2016 income because I received it in 2017, but the client included it on my 1099, which means I probably have to amend the income I reported to the State of Washington, right? I’ll ask my CPA about it.)

So I could have been proactive and emailed my CPA the first week of January to set up a meeting in February, but I didn’t. Should I have? How early do you reach out to your CPAs and tax professionals?

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