Whose Photo Would Convince You to Stop Spending Money?

Is it Terry Crews?

So this recently went viral:

BuzzFeed reached out to Daniel Cabral and confirmed that the photo of Crews (in his role as frugal father Julius on Everybody Hates Chris) was in fact helping Cabral save money:

People Can't Stop Laughing At This Teen's Trick To Stop Wasting Money

He said he really has been carrying it around in his wallet to help him make better financial decisions.

So. Whose photo would you put in your wallet to motivate you to think before you spend?

Disapproving Ron Swanson?

That money could have been buried in the ground!

Disapproving Garnet?

My future vision sees another path for that money.

Disapproving ME?

Close your wallet and start reading The Billfold.

Or would it be more of a “do it for her” situation, where you use the photo of a real person in your life instead of a pop culture character?

You do it for her… that’s how you know you can win…

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