Monday Check-in, Post-Nuptials Edition

How’d you do this weekend, spending-wise?

Sofia the First: the Princess Ballet was a hit. But why are these kids wearing so much make-up?

The weekend’s best purchase actually dates back to last weekend, when, in advance of our car trip to the Poconos, I paid $4 to download a couple of TV episodes for our daughter BG’s “new” tablet. (New to her; actually a hand-me-down.) Then I forgot to download the damn things.

This weekend, before we boarded the train to DC, I was on it! I downloaded those eps as well as the movie Zootopia ($15), about which I’d heard good things. BG rewarded my diligence by watching one of the TV shows at least six times this weekend. She would have watched even more times too but I felt compelled to draw the line. Still, A is for Amortize, baby!

Zootopia was also a hit in that it kept her and her father occupied for most of the train ride home, what with having to explain both jokes and stereotypes about animals. (“See, it’s funny because sloths are slow.”) I’m not sure she laughed once, but she concentrated really hard. She’s four; she’s only gradually realizing what humor is. I remember being little and watching Marx Brothers comedies with my dad, laughing when he laughed, learning.

Anyway, thanks to the generosity of my mom, who let us stay at her place, most of our costs were covered, as I anticipated, except for sundries like our cab ride to the train station today ($46 including tip) and a box of birthday goodies for an old friend with a new baby ($12). We stayed under our estimate of $150.

How’d you do?

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