What Should We Do With Old Airplanes? Turn Them Into Luxury Pods

Pods for all income brackets!

Photo credit: edward stojakovic, CC BY 2.0.

Today in Pod News: a company called DappR Aviation is building pods out of retired airplanes.

DappR – Aeropods multi-use space

We know from The Boxcar Children—and from numerous people dealing with real financial insecurity—that a vehicle can be turned into a living space in a pinch. But these pods aren’t like the San Francisco pod bedroom or the Los Angeles PodShare. They’re not designed to be affordable housing. They’re built for people who want to relax in luxury.

Using a commercial airliner fuselage that would otherwise have been scrapped, we upcycle it to make a fantastically well engineered building. Aeropods are fully insulated and finished to the highest specification. Electricity and water can be installed. Options include heated floors and a wide range of finishes both internal and external. We can even strip the shell back to its original aluminium with a highly polished finish.

It’s important to note that these pods aren’t meant to take the place of your primary home. Instead, they’re meant to accent it, by providing you an “outdoor kitchen—complete with original airline galley” or an “ultimate ‘Man-Cave’.”

Metro reports that the pods take eight weeks to build and cost roughly £22,000–£25,000, or about $32,000.


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