When Life Hands You Brexit, Make Brexit-ade

British Airways encourages Americans to take advantage of England’s poor choices

Harry Potter

Wanna fly to England, American travelers? No time like the present, suggests British Airways.

“Hurry sale ends Jun 29,” they add, because I guess there was an additional referendum vote against punctuation.

The BA tweet doesn’t mention #Brexit, but that is the reason that the dollar is in a historically strong position at the moment vis a vis the pound. News outlets are reporting, with more glee than tact, that the pound is “getting pounded.” And experts predict that the situation will only get worse for our friends across the pond: GB’s economy may well head into recession, thanks to the xenophobes who voted to make Britain “great” again. So … a good time to take a ride on that big fancy Ferris wheel and stroll across the Millennium Bridge? Or will you protest vote with your feet and visit EU member country Slovenia instead? I’ve heard Ljubljana is gorgeous and kind of a bargain, and best of all, you won’t have to feel icky about exploiting a nation’s economic idiocy for your own personal gain.

Do it fast, though, American readers, because in November, under President-Elect Trump, the dollar is going to fall harder than Han Solo. If you listen hard enough, you can already hear Chewbacca screaming.

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