The Cost of Last-Minute Beyoncé Tickets

i got in formation

Average ticket price for the Formation tour: $353

Beyonce Extends The Formation World Tour 2016; Tickets Most Expensive in Recent History

Death panic spiral slowly consuming you from the inside out stemming from how deeply you misjudged your ability to accomplish the tasks you’d set out for yourself today: $3 (stress ate a scone)

Beginner Beyoncé dance class at Toronto’s Underground Dance Centre: $20 drop-in; free with Class Pass ($100/month)

Emergency Bey tickets for you and your boyfriend purchased on StubHub the day of the concert following the death panic spiral and stress scone: $101.50 each

Subway fare to and from the show: $6.50

Half a bottle of water: $1

Total: $112. We slay.

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