Monday Check-In

Happy Monday! Let’s see how close our spending came to our weekend estimates.

I estimated that I would spend $7 on two loads of laundry, and I did.

I estimated that I would spend $25 on a few items I needed to get from the grocery store, and I spent $43.11. (My shopping list got a little bigger between Friday and Saturday. Also, I need to see if I can get a free bouquet of flowers in exchange for the one I bought that was moldy on the inside.)

I also had “buy new tanks and T-shirts” on my to-do list, because the ones I bought from Old Navy a year ago (almost to the day; I checked) were starting to wear out. I wasn’t planning to go shopping until later in the month, but when Old Navy sent me an email announcing “tanks from $3 and tees from $5, this weekend only,” I grabbed the deal and spent $76.94 on three tanks, three tees, and two spring tops.

Total spending: $127.05.

I also estimated that I would spend four hours cleaning my apartment. I spent three hours and 16 minutes cleaning my apartment. I used my smartphone timer to keep track of every task to the second, so if you’d like a round-up of all of that, let me know.

How’d your weekends go?

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