Some News: The Billfold Is Partnering With Medium

Dear Readers,

Earlier this fall, Medium announced that it was partnering with several different publications, including The Awl Network. We are excited to announce that the Billfold is partnering with Medium and will be moving onto their platform next week.

So what’s changing? On the editorial side, not much: We’re still publishing our daily stories with our regular crew of editors and contributors. We’re keeping our domain name. But being on Medium means your reading experience will be cleaner and smoother, and following us on Medium means you can read us on your mobile device using the Medium app (we look pretty great on there!). You’ll also be able to highlight sections of Billfold pieces that speak to you and start conversations around them, and help us grow by recommending our stories to the larger Medium community so that new readers can discover how amazing we are (consider creating a Medium account so you’re ready for us!).

One of Medium’s biggest goals is to become a place to have elevated conversations about a variety of subjects, and The Billfold has always been a place to have honest conversations about money, which makes this partnership an ideal fit. In an age of ad blocking, they’ll also help us figure out new revenue streams so we can continue to do what we’re doing. We’re looking forward to working with Medium and continuing our mission of breaking the taboos around talking about money, and hope you join us. Questions? We’re happy to answer them below.

— The Billfold Team

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