Beyond Meat

It’s also cheap compared to real meat: Each of my two bags of Beyond Meat (one “Beefy Crumble” and one “Lightly Seasoned Strips”) cost only six dollars for about three servings’ worth of highly engineered plant protein.

Yet I can’t for the life of me figure out why anyone would want to eat this stuff.

— I was at Whole Foods this weekend and noticed that these “Beyond Meat” packages of plant protein engineered to resemble meat were on sale for $4.50. Dan Nosowitz argues that this product isn’t worth buying — that instead of engineering plants to taste like meat, we should focus on making vegetables taste better than meat (and there are plenty of chefs doing just this). It’s a worthy argument, though he does kind of gloss over one of the other reasons this product is on the market: it’s probably better for our bodies and for the environment.

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