Are Business Cards Out of Style?

Ester: Oh, I just met a finance reporter [at a big newspaper]! She was all excited about us. We exchanged cards this weekend.

Mike: Nice!

Ester: She runs the blog. Or, helps run it.

Mike: You know, I have no cards to give out, ever.

Ester: No Moo cards or anything?

Mike: Nope. I should order some, maybe? Is this becoming a post?

(Yes. Yes it is.)

Later, since Ester mentioned Moo, I spent six minutes watching this video on Vimeo learning how they make their “luxe” business cards, and wanted them instantly — until I learned that they were $35 for 50 cards. I admired these business cards that Hallie Bateman designed for Jazmine, and the ones Nicole gives out.

Business cards may have lost some of their value in the LinkedIn era, but they still matter enough for many of us to continue buying them.

So, quick survey: Do you have business cards? Why or why not?

Photo: Carlos Varela

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