The Cost of Halloween, Part 2: Candy and Parties

So here’s the round-up of everything else I spent on Halloween this year (besides my overpriced costume):


I did not buy any candy for other people because trick-or-treaters don’t really come to microapartments (and also because I wasn’t going to be home on Halloween). One of the more disappointing parts of my adult life is that I’ve never lived in a place that has gotten trick-or-treaters, ever.

So here’s the candy I bought for myself:

$3.00 for two bags of Brach’s Candy Corn (accept no substitutes). I know that candy corn is a divisive candy, so feel free to tell me why you think it’s an abomination. It took me most of October to eat my way through both bags, and I felt appropriately festive the entire time.

$1.00 for four pieces of candy corn flavored salt water taffy. Salt water taffy isn’t really made from salt water, and it also didn’t taste very much like candy corn. I bought this simply because I was delighted it existed, and in that respect I was not disappointed.


$20.00 for EMP’s Fashionably Undead Bash: Beware The Woods. As a party, this was clearly a success. As a method of meeting new people for the purposes of dating and/or life partnership, it was a complete failure. I think the only way you can actually meet people at a dance is if you live in a Jane Austen novel.

$10.00 for a cocktail at EMP (includes tip).

$0.00 for Hugo House’s Halloween party. This was supposed to cost $5.00 but I got in for free because I was on their mailing list. DJ Domenica was amazing, and everyone came dressed as their favorite literary figures or book characters, which explains my costume. The party included a free haunted house tour that was just the right amount of scary.

$4.00 for two food truck cookies at Hugo House. I didn’t end up eating the cookies at the party, but kinda felt like I should buy something? Does anyone else do that, or is it just me?



How about you?

Photo credit: Beth Coll Anderson

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