Book It! Alumni: Get a Free Personal Pan Pizza

I know a lot of us on The Billfold are “readers of a certain age,” and many of us proudly spent our elementary school years reading books, affixing stickers to a huge, dorky button, and wearing our Book It! buttons to Pizza Hut so we could get our free Personal Pan Pizza.

Well, get ready to nostalgize so hard, because Book It! is offering alumni the opportunity to get a free Personal Pan Pizza once again — and you don’t even have to read anything.

Just go to the Book It! alumni site, enter your name, age, location, occupation, and former elementary school, and get your coupon. (I don’t know how quickly you’ll get your coupon; mine hasn’t shown up yet.) (UPDATE: I GOT IT.)

Mmmmm… Personal Pan Pizza. You got to choose your own topping (I always picked black olives), you didn’t have to share it with anyone, and your whole family got to go to Pizza Hut because of you. It was a genius scheme, and I can hardly wait to taste that sweet, greasy Personal Pan flavor again.

Photo: Marco

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