Russian Bank Loans Both Money and Cats

Here’s a heartwarming piece of financial news, which I also saw first on Jezebel:

In Russia, when you move into a new home, it is considered good luck if a cat is the first creature to cross the home’s threshold.

Russian bank Sberbank wants to make sure its customers are the luckiest people ever, so it is now loaning out cats to customers who take out new mortgages. You get the cat for two hours, during which time it crosses your threshold and gives you the good luck that all new homeowners deserve.

Even if you don’t speak or read Russian, take the time to check out the bank’s special “cat promotion” website. There’s an adorable video that explains the process:

There’s also a gallery of the 10 available cats and the number of thresholds each of them has crossed. (Yes, there is even a hairless cat for people who have allergies.)

Who here wishes their bank would also loan out cats? There was that time last year where Uber loaned people kittens, but we could all benefit from greater access to the cat loan economy.

Not to mention all that good luck.

Photo: Bob Mical

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